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 Ptolemy's Tomb----AKA Where Oh Where is Alexander Buried?

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PostSubject: Ptolemy's Tomb----AKA Where Oh Where is Alexander Buried?   Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:57 am

I viewed the National Geo documentary, on You
Tube, on the search for Alexander's Tomb this weekend. They state The
Ptolemy Family Tomb was in the city center in Alexandria. And as such
they think Alexander would be there with them. I frankly got no sense
of them being where they think they would have been. I say this because
of legend that they valued keeping Alexander's body in the family at
all cost. This may sound wild but suppose any crypt referred to, was a
ruse. Suppose they even had a decoy crypt along with fake bodies for
the family and Alexander.

I honestly, at this point in time, don't get a sense of the Ptolemy
Tomb at all anywhere. I do feel where ever it is, they will have to dig
alot deeper that usual..............Perhaps to Hell it's self since P2
saw fit to make the cult in his sister's name based on the Persephone
and Hades myth.

BTW I still say there is something in that spot that needs to be
found NEAR the Temple in Taposiris....If Hawass doesn't dig there he
won't find anything else.
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Ptolemy's Tomb----AKA Where Oh Where is Alexander Buried?
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