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 Was It Murder?

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PostSubject: Was It Murder?   Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:03 am

It was said that Ptolemy II and Arsinoe II were very close. BUT what if
there was a rift at the end of her life. A rift so deep that he had her
poisoned. I am exploring the concept that it was an unnatural death for
her at only 44/45. The Ptolemies were not a short lived family, except
when they murdered each other off. PII lived to 63 and it was said he
had a delicate constitution. AII was healthy and died without anyone
saying what happened to her.

What was the nature of the rift? I think it may have to do with her
not adopting his kids. He had them adopted postumously by her. Was
there a reason for this? Would they not have had a legit claim on the
throne otherwise for some odd reason?

Also what was the reason to mummify her, then at a later date burn
the body. It was said it was a Greek tradition to cremate the body. BUT
they were Macedonian not Greek. And besides they had adopted the
Egyptian traditions with the first Ptolemy. Thus to burn the body
doesn't make sense unless it was to cover up something.

I'm going with this train of though because of certain things that has
happened of the paranormal nature. I think I may have stated that I
know who brother was is in this current lifetime. We are not friendly.
It came to my attention that someone, by my REAL name, EXACT real name
right down to the middle initial died on a date I strongly associate
with this person. The poor unfortunate even lived in a state where
something I recently sold now resides. Her birth date also had meaning.

Also of note that 13 days later my canine familiar, whom I had
always had from birth, whom I had been without for the past couple of
years was born and she escaped at 6 weeks old and was found the date of
the BBC documentary on Cleopatra first showed in the USA. BTW, I named
her Cleopatra too..............I eventually found out the date of her
birth by an ad coming up on Craig's List several weeks later, for the
rest of her litter. She had a twin sister, that's how I know it was her
family. Also by the fact on each day of her birth, 3 times in a row, a
person who had something to do with the one I believe to be the
reincarnation of P2 dropped dead.

Any comments? Is it likely that PII killed AII?

But let's throw a bit more to you guys now.

Suppose a rift also developed cause of Polemy II's obessession with the
Hebrew teachings. Which may have led to trying to destroying Arsinoe II
in life and in death.

What would be funny if his actions were for naught. I mean, suppose if
spirit is eternal.....In reality all he did was to destroy the body and
the heart of Arsinoe. BUT in missing the canopic remains, he didn't
destroy her after all.

Yes I know that the use of Canopic Jars ceased in the Ptolemic era
but that was later on closer to the Roman period. So when she was
mummified she would have had the full royal treatment

You know what I am putting together would make a marvelous Stephen King novel.....Now wouldn't it???

Oh BTW.....Did you see that Colin Farrel is hanging with Janet Jackson
now? Just like a Vulture. He's part of it you know. His birthday is
when I got my evil ring way back when. I don't know much about him, but
I gather he's a bit of a ***. The worst part is that he played
Alexander and he's in a movie that has everything to do with someone
who had worked with P2's reincarnation back in the 1960's. And this same movie began with the blood sacrifice of it's star.

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Was It Murder?
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