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 Arsinoe II and Why Cleopatra Didn't Murder Her Sister

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PostSubject: Arsinoe II and Why Cleopatra Didn't Murder Her Sister   Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:23 pm


The ring made it's self known as to it's origin
finally. I had everything correct within context to subsequent lives.
Cleo owned it.....But the one it was made for was Arsinoe II. It was
her wedding ring to Ptolemy II.

Now why do I insist that Cleo didn't murder her sister nor would have
prompted that ignorant Roman to do her in either. The mystery Cult that
grew up after Arsinoe died in 270. Cleopatra would not have done in her
sister, the name sake of the Cult....Let alone done it in Ephesus which
had born the name Arsinoea at one point, because as a family member,
she was part of the cult and also was acknowledged as Queen Arsinoe's
reincarnation. That's how the ring found it's way to her.

Mark Anthony took it on himself to have her sister assassinated,
cause of petty jealousies and feeling that if she was around that she
would be a problem with his bid for the Roman throne. He didn't care
what her name was or what the symbolism was in doing away with her
there of all places. He was a mighty Roman General and he could do what
he wanted. But in the end all fell apart because of his actions.
Everything had consequences and the result of spilling her blood was
dealt with accordingly.

Actium was Cleo's attempt to disassociate herself with him, but
since the Dummy came trailing after her instead of dying there, she was
not able to free herself of his actions.

Now I fear that those who seek to make themselves famous on this
attempt to dig Cleo up will unleash the wrath of the Gods on their
heads....Why? Cause the said person will undoubtly keep with the myth
and lies passed down through the ages as to the great love of Cleo and
that Boob. when he writes his book.

I don't have to worry about any attempt to find Arsinoe II cause
after she was mummified it seems they cremated her. Assuming this is

Do we have anyone here as an expert on Arsinoe II? I need to clairify a few points that are missing.

1. Actual birth and death dates not just years and an approximate
on the month of July for the death date. I do think it's the 14th

2. Was she actually cremated? It was said this was in accord with
Greek tradition.....They were Macedonian not Greek. They had adopted
the Egyptian religion and made it their own. It's highly unlikely that
a family who steels the body of Alexandre the Great, for magical
reasons would destroy one of their own in this manner.

3. Was the cult actually started after her death or with in the last year or two of her life?

4. What did she die of? She was approximately 54 and more than
likely was a natural death. It was said that the worst problem, health
wise, was the propencity to gain too much weight. By the coinage of
brother and sister it seems that it wasn't just the eating of too much
food but a thyroid problem that caused the weight gain. The bulging
eyes are proof to that......Years ago a psychic had asked me if I had a
thyroid problem, I thought that odd since I didn't, but I had the ring
by then and I suppose she picked up on the original owner's energy.

I always thought that when I dreamed of walking among the
crocodiles, that it was something to do with a past life in ancient
Egypt, but I had no idea as to, exactly why that subject was prominent
in dreams. I had run across another religious center--renamed for
Arsinoe. Crocodiliopolis...The dreams were just signals to an
unreceptive mind, of the time, for something I would discover later on
in life.


OMG!....Way cool!...I posted this on my blog in
an abriviated manner and went to look for a picture to add and found on
of Brother and sister making offering to an alter and on the alter is
the exact same design as what's on my ring.


AND 10/20

Did I tell you I started to have dreams that
would relate to something on Hawass' site when he would send me email
updates since I discovered the link to Arsinoe and my ring.

Well a friend of mine who has more than just a passing relation to
someone that has something to do with the Pink Panther just sent me
this email this morning. Here is it and my reply. His name is obscured
to protect his identity.

So I wonder who the Mummy is?????


Remember I said I started to have related dreams when I would get
email from Hawass.....Your email was next to his this morning. He's dug
up a mummy from the late period in an early period tomb in Saquara and
he's posed with the mummy, in it's box. I dreamed about some children
being transported away from a school in rubber totes, (they were small
kids) also something about mafia type people and one of them taking
possession of an antique tea pot that was made of toxic metal......and
a hint of the Pink Panther theme played.

How's that for screwy related dreams----I wonder who the mummy is.
It's from a period that could have included the begining of the reign
of the Ptolemy's and could very well extend to when Arsinoe was regent.
There was a related article on the restoration of Saquara. That
actually mention the Ptolemies. We are also working now to restore the
Serapeum at Saqqara. The Serapeum was discovered by Auguste Mariette in
1851, and consists of a series of huge underground galleries for the
burial of the sacred Apis bulls. Burials of sacred cult animals were
very common in Saqqara until the end of the Ptolemaic Period. We hope
to open the Serapeum to the public in the coming December.

I passed by on this since it really didn't seems all that special at the time.

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Subject: Pink Panther

Hello again:

The true story behind "the Pink Panther":
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Arsinoe II and Why Cleopatra Didn't Murder Her Sister
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