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 Fun Game--Find Cleopatra's Tomb

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PostSubject: Fun Game--Find Cleopatra's Tomb   Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:29 pm

I think Zahi Hawass needs our help---He seems at a quandry as to where Cleopatra is buried....So let's help him.

The game involves having Google Earth and searching Taposiris Magna.

You can do it logically or psychically.......Which ever way....Let's just have a bit of fun.

When you decide on a spot to dig put your coordinances here. And why you think this is the spot.

Here's my offering

Dr. Hawass,

I can assume you have gotten all sorts of crack pot emails from people
who say they know where Cleopatra is buried....You can now add mine to
the list. BUT the difference is that I have no intention of explaining
why I have chosen that spot to dig.

You said the radiological tests were done. Does this spot still
have a chamber below? If not, 2000 years and being close to a road
would collapse anything. Especially if it wasn't to be found until now.

It's nice to be lecturing on Tut....But you wish to be
famous...Much more so than you are now. When you find Cleo, no one will
ever forget your name.

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Fun Game--Find Cleopatra's Tomb
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