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 Alexander, The Ptolemies....And All That Jazz!

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PostSubject: Alexander, The Ptolemies....And All That Jazz!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:47 pm

I was wondering today, of all days if it wasn't
the Ptolmies who brought about the Greek names to the Egyptian
Gods...But I had to go to work and came up with something else to look
about when I got home. It concerned Alexander The Great. So this is
what I came up with.....

"Alexander's body was placed in a
gold anthropoid sarcophagus, which was in turn placed in a second gold
casket.[114] According to Aelian, a seer called Aristander foretold
that the land where Alexander was laid to rest "would be happy and
unvanquishable forever".[115] Perhaps more likely, the successors may
have seen possession of the body as a symbol of legitimacy (it was a
royal prerogative to bury the previous king).[116] At any rate, Ptolemy
stole the funeral cortege, and took it to Memphis.[114][115] His
successor, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, transferred the sarcophagus to
Alexandria, where it remained until at least Late Antiquity"

I'm thinking that perhaps the Ptolemies not only stole the body and hid
it but buried each of their ruling family members in the same tomb. It
sound probable to me.

Now if you want a real ...'out there theory' about this. I
ran across a bit of fiction written a couple of years ago about
Alexander. Now take into account Fiction can be a channeled truth, in
part. From the synopsis there may have been a personal demon attached
to Alexander as a child.
If the Ptolemies stole the body and kept it...could not the personal demon been transferred to them through each generation.

Since my obervances of the curse in action I refer to someone as 'The
Dark Prince' which is the name of the book, by David Gemmel. This is
the over view.

Book overview

The chaos spirit had chosen the child Alexander to be its human
host. But Parmenion, most powerful warrior of ancient Greece, had won a
small victory over the darkness that sought to rule through Alexander.
The boy's soul had not been destroyed by evil, but instead had merged
with it -- and now Parmenion aided Alexander in the battle between
light and dark that constantly raged within him.

But there was another world, where the creatures of Greece's
legends still flourished. There, the chaos spirit already ruled,
through a demon king. In this Greece, there was a prophecy that a child
of great power, the legendary golden child, would come and restore the
fading magic of the land to the creatures of myth. The demon king
believed also that devouring the heart of this fabled child would give
him immortality. He believed Alexander, with the power of the chaos
spirit within him, to be that child. And so he called Alexander into
his world . . .

Only Parmenion, guided by the seeress Derae, his lost love from
another life, could hope to save Alexander from the demon king. But who
could save the young prince from the chaos spirit that threatened to
conquer his soul?

Everything has an energy and everything has a reality....No matter what
the lie or fable may be......What if this is the basis of Cleo's Curse?
I will tell you this. When Hawass digs for Cleo he may find the whole
nest of Ptolemies and Alexander too.


PS: Today was the anniversary of Cleo sacrificing herself for immortality.
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Alexander, The Ptolemies....And All That Jazz!
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