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 How Old Is Egypt Really???

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PostSubject: How Old Is Egypt Really???   Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:29 pm

I recently watched a fascinating
documentary called Magical Egypt - The Old Kingdom and the Older
Kingdom Still

In the 5 episodes, host, John Anthony West makes the case that
Egyptian civilization could go back a very long time indeed, and the
Rule of the Gods might have been real. I don't have time to explain all
of it here, but he made an extremely good argument and he wasn't one of

I'm hoping someone else watched it.. but there were a lot of things to think about.

- The Sahara did not exist in 8,000 B.C., 10,000 years ago.

- The further back in Egyptian history we go, the more advanced it appears to be.

- The Egyptians themselves tell us in the inscriptions that their
history as a civilized nation goes back around 36,000 years.
Embellishment of something is one thing, but simply discarding their
entire record they left for us as having no substance to it at all, and
ignoring it, is elitist and arrogant.

- Neolithic cavemen sprang into a developed, advanced civilization the day Narmer was crowned king?

- The Osireion appears to have been excavated and dug up as a ruin and relic when Seti I started building at Abydos.

- The Sphinx appears to be under great water damage, not sun or sand.

Theres a lot more he mentioned I can't list here right now, but if anyone has seen it, do give your opinion!
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How Old Is Egypt Really???
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