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 Think Like A Ptolemy

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PostSubject: Think Like A Ptolemy   Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:32 am

Why is it with the longest running dynasty in Egypt, that the diggers of the dead cannot find so much as one body of this clan? They cannot find the body of Alexander the Great either.I say that they are not thinking like a Ptolemy............

Alexandria may have had much of their monuments destroyed by earthquakes and such, and the archeological community could say that's why they can't find them.....It must have been destroyed.

I say not. I say since they made themselves gods in this land, that they would have taken extrodinary means to preserve well as Alexander's body.

Concerning Alexander...The legend goes that when he died that the Ptolemies stole his body and secreted it away...Because to retain his body was the secret of staying in power.

I say that because of this belief that they created a duplicate mummy of him and this is what the different people down through the ages had seen....and stolen too. They would have NOT taken the chance of losing him....PERIOD.

I also believe that they buried well as themselves in a huge underground mortuary temple that they had created for themselves and Alexander....It's very deep too...Far deeper than anything yet found in Egypt. It's not in Alexandria either.

Maybe we should be looking...................
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Think Like A Ptolemy
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