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 Caesar and Cleopatra--The Comedy!!

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PostSubject: Caesar and Cleopatra--The Comedy!!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:41 pm

Here's one we missed last year Christoper Plummer, from Sound of Music and now The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus did a play that they filed and played in Canada. The Comedy of Caesar of Cleopatra.....Gee what was funny about this anyway!?!?...Et Tu Brutus?

Caesar and Cleopatra

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Caesar and Cleopatra

release date:genre:running time:cast:Not yet Rated. Rate Movie
Saturday January 31, 2009
130 min.
Christopher Plummer, Nikki M. James, John Vickery, Timothy D. Stickney, Diane D'Aquila, Peter Donaldson, Steven Sutcliffe

Caesar and Cleopatra Movie Synopsis

legendary wit turns political drama into sparkling comedy when veteran
strategist Julius Caesar becomes mentor to the enchanting teenage queen
of Roman-occupied Egypt. Their first encounter under a desert moon will
lead to a shift in the course of history, as Cleopatra gradually
overcomes her timidity to become a determined player in the game of
power politics. Christopher Plummer
as Caesar, Nikki James as Cleopatra. Shot over 3 days during
Stratford's Shakespeare Festival this stunning production will be
presented at Cineplex Entertainment Theatres Across Canada.
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Caesar and Cleopatra--The Comedy!!
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