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 Mummy's Message - Interactive Game

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PostSubject: Mummy's Message - Interactive Game   Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:43 am

I haven't tried it...But then I prefer the Luxor games anyway,

Mummy's Message

is a 3—5 hour interactive game that educates students about the history
of ancient Egyptian civilization. For teachers, this game is the
answer to sparking the interest in students. For students, retaining
the facts and customs associated with Egyptian history will seem like a
snap! Put simply, your students will look forward to class time
because it becomes fun to learn!
Mummy's Message
can compliment an existing curriculum, or it can also become a
curriculum in and of itself. A teacher's curriculum guide with student
objectives provides a detailed outline for lesson plans.

The game includes: Problem Cards, Question Cards, Hieroglyphic Cards, and a Hieroglyphic TabletSpecifics:Three student groups are created, each with two competing archeological teams (approximately 5 students per team)Teams progress through the pyramid by correctly answering Question Cards, selecting a Passage Progress Card, and collecting Hieroglyphic Cards (each with a hieroglyphic symbol and the translation of that symbol). All game cards are authentic, supported by historical documented evidence. Students
will experience thrills, frustrations, and horrible dangers as they
become archeologists traveling through the interior of the pyramid.
The Problem Cards bring to life
the dangers involved in archeological expeditions. Participants will
encounter physical and emotional challenges as the result of the
sadistic mind of the pyramid builder, who incorporated deadly traps in
order to frustrate and confuse grave robbers.
Both teams will need to successfully travel through the following Chambers:

  • Pharaoh's Burial Chamber
  • Queens Burial Chamber
  • Great Hall

    While traveling through each chamber, students will discover a piece,
    several pieces of a hieroglyphic tablet. In order to win the game each
    team needs to use the Hieroglyphic Cards accumulated,
    piece together and translate the Mummy's Message!

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Mummy's Message - Interactive Game
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